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  2. Morphs

    2.25510 - Red crusader 3.25124 - Mexican Male 6. 25989 - Iron Dwarf 8. 21501 - Blood elf (mogged?) 14. 24755 - Male priest. 15. 26787 - Worgen. Other's are in game / similar stuff is in game with it. 3-5 of them where just the normal race morphs. Thouse are the ones that COULD make it in to the game i passed it to the final judge @Sinjaon them.
  3. Last week
  4. Morphs

    These are the few morphs i had 3 or 4 years ago, check them: 24125 25510 25124 25500 23441 25989 20318 21501 25037 19723 23123 23963 30414 24755 26787
  5. Oblivion-WoW Change Log

    Classes: Druid: Demoralizing Roar has been buffed Druid: Gift of the Wild has been buffed Druid Travel Form +20% Druid Cat Dash +20% Hunter: Hunter's Mark has been buffed Hunter's range haste has been Buffed +37,5% bow/gun damage has been nerfed -37,5% Hunter's pet spells got a 15% buff the movement speed of our pets are -30% now and Mend Pet -60% Mage: Arcane Intellect has been buffed Mage: Dampen Magic has been buffed Mage: Amplify Magic has been buffed Deathknight: Horn of Winter has been buffed Vampiric Blood has been fixed. Paladin: Devotion Aura has been buffed Paladin: Shadow Resistance Aura has been buffed Paladin: Fire Resistance Aura has been buffed Paladin: Frost Resistance Aura has been buffed Warrior: Demoralizing Shout hast been buffed Warrior: Battle Shout has been buffed Shaman's totems has been updated: Strength of Earth Totem VIII,Earth elementar totem,Fire elementar Totem,Flametongue Totem VIII,Mana spring totem,Stoneskin Totem Shaman spirit walk +20% Ghost walk speed has been increased Rogue Sprint +20% Priest soul and body +20% Racials: Orc: Blood Fury has been buffed Undead: Shadow Resistance has been buffed Tauren racial endurance has been fixed (5% more health) Other: "Swiftness Potion" +20% Make sure to download the latest Patch-8.MPQ to see all changes.
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  7. Morphs

    Hello everyone. Ever wanted a morph back from the good ol' times? This is the time to do that! Put the morph ID's you want to be in game.Me and @Andiwill be checking them and the ones that are reasonable we'll add back in game. Few things you might wanna know before doing so : IT SHOULD BE OKAY TO PVP with/against : : Not too big or too small models : I'll be answering in topic any question's or so. Currently Morph's: *Ally/Horde Bosses* Thrall: 4527 Vol'jin: 10357 Lady Sylvanas: 28213 Lady sylvanas UC: 11657 Cairne Bloodhoof: 4307 King Varian Wrynn: 28127 Tyrande Whisperwind: 7274 Tyrande Whisperwind New: 60025 High Tinker Mekkatorque: 31658 Magni Bronzebeard: 3597 *Guards* Silvermoon Guard: 15511 Stormwind Guard Female: 5446 Stormwind Guard Male: 3167 Darnassus Guard: 14615 Orgrimmar Grunt Male: 4602 Orgrimmar Grunt Female: 4601 Thunderbluff Guard Female: 9392 Thunderbluff Guard Male: 9391 *Fun* Windrunner: 30072 Cow - 1060 Gul'dan Ghost: 16642 Nefarius: 9472 Lor'themar Theron: 17122 Kalecgos: 31103 Arcane Ninja: 19896 Penguin - 24978 NecromancerPurple - 24793 Maiev Shadowsong: 20628 Akama: 20681 Gul'dan 21588 Val'kyr: 24991 skelett: 9786 Worgen: 729 Undead Assassin: 25286 Lich king without helmet / sword: 22235 Lich king with sword / helmet: 22234 Arthas: 24949 Arthas Ghost: 24641 Garrosh: 60029
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  9. Hey

    I've already dealt with this issue with you in discord, Dealt with Cheers.
  10. Hey

    Hello admini, I was playing here for a paladin whose name does not matter, I had enough ++ donator and I do not know the problem is that I gave myself a password to read LAHVIIN / 2x i But the email I do not know does not know some admin to write him so I can go to him?
  11. Gold Coin(DP) to Silver Coin(VP)

    "25 [Silver Coins]for1 [Gold Coin]"has been done. you'll find a vendor called"Silver/Gold Coin Converter" in our mall. Regards,
  12. Forum Signatures?

  13. Forum Signatures?

    would've turned out better if the sig size on the forums wasnt so low resolution :c
  14. Forum Signatures?

    Looks great! For a boredom work job,its nice and clean. ~Flannel the Insane~ ~Head Game Master, Oblivion-WoW~
  15. Forum Signatures?

    so i did a thing today, out of pure boredom, took a screenshot of my character and cut it out in photoshop, blended it up with some random shiz and came up with this: - Feel free to comment, literally a 5 min thing, lul.
  16. Hello at the moment you can only buy 1[Gold Coin] for 25 [Silver Coins]from the NPC, can you add 25 [Silver Coins] for 1 [Gold Coin] https://imgur.com/a/Y8BlEkq Alsowould be cool if you add [Refund Tokens] to the Event NPC for 1-2 [Event Tokens]
  17. Old VIP returning, Need some help.

    Hello, Send me a PM with your account name and I will take a look.
  18. Hey, i'm a old player from back in 2014, i had a fully decked out full dono geared paladin wayy back in 2014, ive come to realise alot of stuff was changed since then, i was wondering is there any way to be reimbursed my DP if i find the paypal transaction orr...? just curious since its been forever since i was on, i wanted to get back all my paladin gear if i do come back to play for good.
  19. christmas

  20. christmas

  21. Game Master [Beater]

    This server has enough jajas in high ranks.
  22. Game Master [Beater]

    If the idea is to learn English in the march since I dedicate myself to programming and English is the world language, you are right.
  23. Game Master [Beater]

    Well no, a staff member has to communicate with everyone, english is the main language in this server. You can help the "hispanics" on alt too, and guide them and etc
  24. Game Master [Beater]

    The idea is not to communicate with them, it's with the new Hispanics who do not know the server.
  25. Game Master [Beater]

    Is it me or he went to the translator? From "you" to "it" and such things , some sentences dont make sense man also i doubt u know that many developing languages..your timezone,playedtime and last question answers are fully wrong lol this also proves my point. Words such as "crime" sound kinda too heavy, you dont kill or steal w/e anyone.Lastly, players arent "it" to mute orfreeze "it" until a higher ( "range"? ) comes lmao we are humans too.You should be very careful of how you speak, your english knowledge is zero to me and you won t be able to communicate with the staff team and english speakers players.-1 , good luck.
  26. 1. Name Leo 2. Age 21 3. Country Argentina 4. What are your In-game character names [Names that players would most know you by]? My name in the game is Beater. 5. How long have you currently been with us on Oblivion-WoW (/played time) Since 2012. 6. What is your timezone? Morning and afternoon. 7. How many hours do you spend In-game on a day to day basis? Minimum 4. 8. Do you have any previous Gamemaster experience and how fluent are you with Trinity Core commands? I have worked in many servers so I learned a lot and I know Trinity Core, Azeroth Core, Mangos. 9. Why do you feel you would be a good addition and what do you thrive to bring to the Oblivion-WoW Staff? There is one thing that the server needs, because the content has. You need people to go ahead looking for people who want to play on the server. I am a member of many groups and I would take care of the Hispanic part of the server, since it is a large majority that plays this service. There are many people in my language who do not know and need a guide and can not speak English, so it is important that someone from your language guide them. Additional Questions: (Must be answered in FULL) 1. A Player makes a ticket asking you to give him items because he is unable to get them himself, how do you respond? I tell him that he must acquire the article on his own 2. You have muted a player for being disrespectful towards the Staff, he then makes a Ticket cussing, insulting and persistently insults you and/or other staff members, what do you do? I simply mute it for a predetermined time until it calms down and if it persists it is sanctioned with penalty of account. 3. You find a player hacking on our Server, what would you do to minimize the situation, if you're unable to ban him? I freeze it and take it to an area where it does not bother until it comes a higher range. 4. Your friends are asking you to host an Event so they're able to get a new mount or another available reward they currently do not have, how do you proceed? Before making an event you always have to be notified to a higher rank if the higher rank is authorized you proceed to the event otherwise it is not done. Also I do not have friends now 5. You first come online and you notice that there are 2 other Staff Members online yet there is still a high number of tickets active but have remained un-answered, what would you do to help but avoid the same situation in the future? Maintaining a good work environment always helps others to do things well and oneself. That's why when someone new to the staff comes in, the first thing to do is to indicate what situation they are in and what is the situation. Extra knowledge C++ PHP Laravel HTML5 CSS3 IPBoard 4.* JavaFX Thanks and regards
  27. played time

  28. played time

    Add some NPC which will give us reward for played time in game : gems,dp,mounts,titles etc
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