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  1. Morphs

    2.25510 - Red crusader 3.25124 - Mexican Male 6. 25989 - Iron Dwarf 8. 21501 - Blood elf (mogged?) 14. 24755 - Male priest. 15. 26787 - Worgen. Other's are in game / similar stuff is in game with it. 3-5 of them where just the normal race morphs. Thouse are the ones that COULD make it in to the game i passed it to the final judge @Sinjaon them.
  2. Morphs

    Hello everyone. Ever wanted a morph back from the good ol' times? This is the time to do that! Put the morph ID's you want to be in game.Me and @Andiwill be checking them and the ones that are reasonable we'll add back in game. Few things you might wanna know before doing so : IT SHOULD BE OKAY TO PVP with/against : : Not too big or too small models : I'll be answering in topic any question's or so. Currently Morph's: *Ally/Horde Bosses* Thrall: 4527 Vol'jin: 10357 Lady Sylvanas: 28213 Lady sylvanas UC: 11657 Cairne Bloodhoof: 4307 King Varian Wrynn: 28127 Tyrande Whisperwind: 7274 Tyrande Whisperwind New: 60025 High Tinker Mekkatorque: 31658 Magni Bronzebeard: 3597 *Guards* Silvermoon Guard: 15511 Stormwind Guard Female: 5446 Stormwind Guard Male: 3167 Darnassus Guard: 14615 Orgrimmar Grunt Male: 4602 Orgrimmar Grunt Female: 4601 Thunderbluff Guard Female: 9392 Thunderbluff Guard Male: 9391 *Fun* Windrunner: 30072 Cow - 1060 Gul'dan Ghost: 16642 Nefarius: 9472 Lor'themar Theron: 17122 Kalecgos: 31103 Arcane Ninja: 19896 Penguin - 24978 NecromancerPurple - 24793 Maiev Shadowsong: 20628 Akama: 20681 Gul'dan 21588 Val'kyr: 24991 skelett: 9786 Worgen: 729 Undead Assassin: 25286 Lich king without helmet / sword: 22235 Lich king with sword / helmet: 22234 Arthas: 24949 Arthas Ghost: 24641 Garrosh: 60029
  3. Hey

    I've already dealt with this issue with you in discord, Dealt with Cheers.

    Lmao you must be out of your mind, have fun trying to make that, doubt @Thunderwill bother with it, even if he does it'll take him months probably knowing how it is. P.S. IF NOT YEARS LUL.
  5. Livestealing enchantment and Poison

    Hello Darkyy1994, Sadly we won't be enable to change Poison's sence it will effect everyone's class. Sadly there is no way to change the "Lifestealing" Enchant too we tried to scale it down would not work. We will keep testing it around to see what we can do about it, tho. Cheers, Miyuki.
  6. Mass unban

    Hello guys, Today we did a mass unban a lot of accounts were banned so wedecided to remove the bans. The only accounts that will stay banned are the ones that are been banned for "Modded chars". If for some reason you did not get your unban on a regular ban (We might have missed it) you can PM me in discord / forums. Cheers, Miyuki.
  7. Arena Points

    Fix for both of you if anyone else had it PM me in discord / forums / in game.Also fixed the issue, should not be anymore of a problem. Thanks for the report, cheers. /Closed
  8. Future Content Ideas

    As for the number 3 of @Neggedsuggestions most of the classes are already re-done sence +++ made some of them broken, but as @Intrudersaid if you would like a specific class to be balanced in a way you can tell us and we gonna look in to it, other than that i'll pass the suggestions to the rest of the team to look in to it. Cheers and thanks for the time taken to write the post.
  9. In game titles.

    Hello everyonesence most people don't know what are our "custom titles". I made a list with titles that are in game. (mainly used to get them after events) If i missed any make sure to tell me, Cheers, Miyuki. General <Nickname> Warlord <Nickname> High Warlord <Nickname> Gladiator <Nickname> Rival <Nickname> Challanger <Nickname> Scarab Lord <Nickname> Justicar <Nickname> <Nickname>, Champion of the Naaru Merciless Gladiator <Nickname> <Nickname> Of the Shattered Sun <Nickname>, Hand of A'dal Vengeful Gladiator <Nickname> Battlemaster <Nickname> Flame Warden <Nickname> Flame keeper <Nickname> <Nickname> the Exalted <Nickname> the Diplomat Brutal Gladiator <Nickname> Arena Master <Nickname> Salty <Nickname> <Nickname> of the Emerald Dream <Nickname> the Malefic Stalker <Nickname> <Nickname> of the Ebon Blade Archmage <Nickname> Warbringer <Nickname> Assassin <Nickname> Grand Master Alchemist <Nickname> Grand Master Blacksmith <Nickname> Grand Master Enchanter <Nickname> Grand Master Engineer <Nickname> Grand Master Angler <Nickname> Grand Master Herbalist <Nickname> Grand Master Scribe <Nickname> Grand Master Jawelcrafter <Nickname> Grand Master Leatherworker <Nickname> Grand Master Miner <Nickname> Grand Master Skinner <Nickname> Grand Master Tailor <Nickname> <Nickname> of Quel'Thalas <Nickname> of Argus <Nickname> of Khaz Modan <Nickname> of Gnomeregan <Nickname> of Lion Hearted <Nickname>, Champion of Elune <Nickname>, Hero of Ogrimmar Plainsrunner <Nickname> <Nickname> of the Darkspear <Nickname> the Forsaken <Nickname> the Magic Seeker Twinlight Vanquisher <Nickname> <Nickname>, Conqueror of Naxxramas <Nickname> the Hallowed Loremaster <Nickname> <Nickname> of the Alliance <Nickname> the Flawless Victor <Nickname>, Champion of the Frozen Wastes Ambassador <Nickname> <Nickname> the Argent Champion <Nickname>, Guardian of Cenarius Brewmaster <Nickname> Merrymaker <Nickname> Matron <Nickname> Patron <Nickname> Obsidian Slayer <Nickname> <Nickname> of the Nightfall <Nickname> the Immortal Bloodsail Admiral <Nickname> <Nickname> the Insane <Nickname> of the Exodar <Nickname> of Darnassus <Nickname> of Orgrimmar Crusader <Nickname> Deadly Gladiator <Nickname> <Nickname>, Death's Demise <Nickname> the Celestial Defender <Nickname>, Conqueror of Ulduar <Nickname>, Champion of Ulduar Vanquisher <Nickname> Starcaller <Nickname> <Nickname> the Astral Walker <Nickname>, Herald of the Titans Furious Gladiator <Nickname> Relentless Gladiator <Nickname> Grand Crusader <Nickname> <Nickname> the Argent Defender <Nickname> the Patient <Nickname> the Light of Dawn <Nickname>, Bane of the Fallen King <Nickname> the Kingslayer <Nickname> of the Ashen Verdict Wrathful Gladiator <Nickname> Battlelord <Nickname> Blood Champion <Nickname> <Nickname> the Commandojack <Nickname> The Death Stalker Deathlord <Nickname> <Nickname>, Defender of Alliance <Nickname> the Fabulous Grandmaster <Nickname> <Nickname> the Groundbreaker The Honorable <Nickname> <Nickname>, Patron of War <Nickname> The Fearless <Nickname> the Savage Hero <Nickname>, Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Dissapointing Minions <Nickname>, Lord of war <Nickname>, Vengeance Incarnate <Nickname> the Violet Guardian <Nickname> the Wakener <Nickname>, Avenger of Hyjal <Nickname> of the Black Harvest <Nickname>, Delver of the Vaults <Nickname> the Dwarfstalker <Nickname> the Flamebreaker Gob Squad Commando <Nickname> <Nickname> the Grimrail Suplexer <Nickname> the Indomitable <Nickname> of the Iron Vanguard <Nickname>, Liberator of Ogrimmar <Nickname> the Manipulator <Nickname> the Manslayer Master Assassin <Nickname> <Nickname>, Master of the Ways Peacekeeper <Nickname> <Nickname> the Love Fool
  10. cheers love the cavalry's here!
  11. Where is everyone

    I'm here kappa

    Agreed, stalker confirmed.

  14. I'm back to oblivion again

    Welcome back, i guess.
  15. Hangin out with homies

    You tried to say every crew is full without ted, i guess lyls