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  1. Oblivion-WoW Change Log

    Classes: Druid: Demoralizing Roar has been buffed Druid: Gift of the Wild has been buffed Druid Travel Form +20% Druid Cat Dash +20% Hunter: Hunter's Mark has been buffed Hunter's range haste has been Buffed +37,5% bow/gun damage has been nerfed -37,5% Hunter's pet spells got a 15% buff the movement speed of our pets are -30% now and Mend Pet -60% Mage: Arcane Intellect has been buffed Mage: Dampen Magic has been buffed Mage: Amplify Magic has been buffed Deathknight: Horn of Winter has been buffed Vampiric Blood has been fixed. Paladin: Devotion Aura has been buffed Paladin: Shadow Resistance Aura has been buffed Paladin: Fire Resistance Aura has been buffed Paladin: Frost Resistance Aura has been buffed Warrior: Demoralizing Shout hast been buffed Warrior: Battle Shout has been buffed Shaman's totems has been updated: Strength of Earth Totem VIII,Earth elementar totem,Fire elementar Totem,Flametongue Totem VIII,Mana spring totem,Stoneskin Totem Shaman spirit walk +20% Ghost walk speed has been increased Rogue Sprint +20% Priest soul and body +20% Racials: Orc: Blood Fury has been buffed Undead: Shadow Resistance has been buffed Tauren racial endurance has been fixed (5% more health) Other: "Swiftness Potion" +20% Make sure to download the latest Patch-8.MPQ to see all changes.

    Name: Andi Username: Stryker123 Age 19 Played time on Server: 2013-09-01 (around 150 days ingame time) Experience Class: Decent at every class maining warrior In-game Main Character: Bob Why you wannabe a beta tester? Because i want to help to balance the classes.I'd be up to test new raids aswell. Time zone: GMT+2 Availability: Under week 3pm-late night at weekend mostly whole day.