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  1. Jammy's Game Master Application

    Idk if my opinion count but i agree with @flannel.
  2. christmas

  3. Game Master [Beater]

    Well no, a staff member has to communicate with everyone, english is the main language in this server. You can help the "hispanics" on alt too, and guide them and etc
  4. Game Master [Beater]

    Is it me or he went to the translator? From "you" to "it" and such things , some sentences dont make sense man also i doubt u know that many developing languages..your timezone,playedtime and last question answers are fully wrong lol this also proves my point. Words such as "crime" sound kinda too heavy, you dont kill or steal w/e anyone.Lastly, players arent "it" to mute orfreeze "it" until a higher ( "range"? ) comes lmao we are humans too.You should be very careful of how you speak, your english knowledge is zero to me and you won t be able to communicate with the staff team and english speakers players.-1 , good luck.
  5. played time

  6. BGs

    flannel said they would add us something , no ? /shrug

    Ofc i like it but we said above (me and Flannel) that its not needed to focus there atm lel yet you keep talking about it. Since you are willing to help then suggest smth for the current content or class balances to improve them and later bring the idea of yours i think thats what Flannel said and hes right.

    Well and i have some useful database experience and all gm commands in my head , does that make me a GM or dev? Nop. You can help them as a player too by suggesting what is useful and good for everyone and not just you atm. For example help them in the classes and spells or/and find ways to make the current content better for everyone as Flannel said?
  9. T5 loot mobs

    Something that isnt currency cant be changed to currency. Only the emblems of valor, frost and some other specifics are made to appear just in currency tab.All those you show already existed as currency and just have been edited.
  10. T5

    Then a copy of that mob can be made easily and loot added.Its very very simple and easy.

    Atm i think they are focusing on balancing the classes. With commands you cant make it , your idea isnt that simple and requires some time spent in the DB, unless you have database experience. Sorry for double post lel.

    Delete it.
  13. christmas

    Happy new year.

    This suggestion is good but not for the current population. In my opinion, if you have to suggest smth better do it according to the population and the more it grows, the more" complicated "suggestions to give.

    Ye ez to write ideas but u need the ppl to make them true lol.