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  1. reimbursed

    Ye i personally know by we i mean us the players in general @Flannel
  2. reimbursed

    What i mean is it would be better if we could be more careful when we buy items from the item store and double or even triple check before purchasing.
  3. Unable to Connect

    Lmao i will reply wherever i want my friend as soon as its not a troll post im free to do it. Herevived an old thread and even said the same thing the last player before himsaid so i dont get what makes you think im trolling. In game is good and active.
  4. Unable to Connect

    Takhi,darky already said it.
  5. reimbursed

    Heh man you gotta be careful with your dp's, no one is chasing you :p.
  6. [Oblivion WoW] Forum Ranks

    those ranks exist on forums already and its pretty easy to create them , as for extra cool stuff a little practice and bingo.
  7. Icy ragnaros

    Greetings everyone! Okay so the idea to add this boss is good , however I want to suggest a few things: getting -99% dmg debuff on 35% makes it very slow and really hard with the current population , then it drops just ONE frozen token which makes it unfair for those players who spent the time to farm it so my suggestion is either nerf this -99% debuff and put it on like 15% of the health instead of 35 or make the boss drop MORE frozen tokens.I get it you get good items from it but making it super super hard isn't the solution to this.
  8. Tabards.

    bump, any final answer?
  9. Oblivion Donor Tool UPDATED 21 August 2018

    btw flannel this "tele" and then the blank where you have to type something , if you press go after it it types .donor tele instead of .teleto , can you fix that?
  10. Oblivion Donor Tool UPDATED 21 August 2018

    coooooooooooooool addon!!!!!
  11. Website.

    Heeeeeeey everyone! Okay so there are a few coins in the website that are useless such as gen5, gen6 and donor ++ token so my suggestion is to remove them as they confuse the playes,thinking they are useful and might purchase them & they are outdated old items anyway.
  12. Elitebosses + Expansions token

    I like the idea!
  13. Tabards.

    I mean the difference as in price and not in stats. Stat difference is low.Difference between them is 19 DP and its too much for the stats + an aura.
  14. Tabards.

    yeah i get it but the difference between + and the red looking tabards is kinda too big auras are good but giving that much of a difference eh.
  15. Tabards.

    Hello people! Okay so , let's get in the theme: The celestial and such type of tabards cost 25 DP. meanwhile, the + donor tabards cost 6. The 25 DP tabards cost wayyyyy too much and I suggest a nerf on the price , make it like on armor set and weapons, donor + armor costs 9 and arena 15, donor ++ weapons cost 25 and arena 35 , well this should follow the line and cost about 12-13, a little bit less then arena armor.