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  1. Wow.exe is corrupt

    i dont have any patches from other server..i only used the druid barber patch just to start game on oblivion because my wow.exe is corrupt..which came from the patch 4 folder...can you upload a wow.exe so i can replace mine? but not the one which came on that patch 4
  2. Wow.exe is corrupt

    GM i need help i downloaded the new patch 4..as you can see it contains patch 4 and Wow.exe. i copied patch 4 and it work..and now i copied wow.exe...it wont start,..it says wow is corrupt and need to be reinstalled...clearly the porblem is the Wow.exe because when i open wow using the other patch i get from other servers i can still play oblivion
  3. New race

    uhmmm maybe they can add some racial skills on the new race...or just copy some racial from other race, like taunka race just copy tauren race...you know so players will actually use those new races...i really like to use those new race
  4. S-GEN6 Relics

    what S gen 6 relics..what are they for?

    thanks for telling us,,,i wont buy that vip until its fix or something
  6. ASAP

    Owner or GM kindly make the +++ donor items refundable ASAP..so other players who are bored of standing around whole day got a chance to do something usefull and try some class that they wanna try and refund the +++ donor items they bought
  7. Adjusting GEN Tier's

    whats the voting for? is there a deadline on it or will happen if have enough votes?
  8. is it possible they can make a donor weapons and trinkets that have similar effects like shadowmourne,sulfuras,thoridals stars fury, etc,,,, and trinkets like deathbringers will, twilight scale... but ofc its unique so 1 item of that kind can only be equipped...i really think it would be great..not just increasing damage of +,++,+++, s+++ its always like that...or maybe they just make the exact items i mentioned earlier available on store but with great stats on par with the current donor items..i find this more enjoyable using those items... and ofc make the refund of s+++ be available soon its 2017 already..
  9. refund +++

    intruder can you comment on this post when it is refundable? im checking forums from time to time even i play on other server
  10. WSG "balanced PVP"

    remove the costum gems instead so everyone will have a chance
  11. refund +++

    when is donor +++ gonna be refundable....its been ages now
  12. Refund +++

    Ahhh alright..ive been trying to refund it..i already bought refund tokens..thanks
  13. Refund +++

    Aghhh damn i made mistake...what i mean when will +++ be refundable?
  14. Refund +++

    When will donor +++ be available?
  15. Refund ++ ( It needs a change.)

    Is donor +++ now refundable?