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  1. Forum Signatures?

  2. Hello at the moment you can only buy 1[Gold Coin] for 25 [Silver Coins]from the NPC, can you add 25 [Silver Coins] for 1 [Gold Coin] https://imgur.com/a/Y8BlEkq Alsowould be cool if you add [Refund Tokens] to the Event NPC for 1-2 [Event Tokens]
  3. Craft Your Own Custom Weapon

    Its boring after getting donor or arena sets
  4. Craft Your Own Custom Weapon

    That'swhy the Scrolls should beobtainable in-game from Boss Drops/Quests/Events etc. so you don't have to spend only DP, and they should be tradable as well
  5. Create an NPC that creates Custom weapons in-game(or if you can't do that find someone to create them) and requiresStats Scroll, each scroll should apply +10000 Strength/Stamina/Agility, so [Scroll of Stamina] adds +10000 Stamina/ [Scroll of Strength] adds +10000 Strength / [Scroll of Damage] adds +100000 Damage etc. At the moment the best weapons are the [Arena Weapons], the Arena Sword got [1500090 - 2252960Damage] and [ +253199 Strength],[ +382171 Stamina]stats, so for the Custom Weapon the stats should be capped at [2500000 - 3000000 Damage] and [ +450000Any stat]. <-----[THE STATS CAPSHOULD BE DIFFERENTFOR EVERY WEAPON]-----> Adding [Weapon Name Scroll], [Weapon Display ID Scroll], [Weapon Color Scroll]let'syou choose the name,color and Display IDof the weapon. The Scrolls should be obtainable in-game or from the Store for 2-3 DP Each. In-Game maybe adding them toDaily Quests, Boss Drops, Events, Special Quests, or farming other stuff for themetc.
  6. Future Content Ideas

    Create more custom gemsavailableonly at PvE Instances: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// / Gem Level 1 --> 25 PvE Token / / Gem Level 2 --> 50 PvEToken / / Gem Level 3 --> 100 PvE Token / ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// --> 50 Haste --> 100 Haste --> 150 Haste --> 500 Strength--> 1000 Strength --> 1500Strength --> 500 Intellect --> 1000Intellect --> 1500Intellect --> 500 Spirit --> 1000Spirit --> 1500Spirit --> 500 Agility -->1000 Agility --> 1500Agility --> 5000 Attack Power --> 7000 Attack Power --> 10000 Attack Power --> 5000 Spell Power --> 7000 Spell Power --> 10000 Spell Power --> Etc..
  7. Future Content Ideas

    1 -- > Would be cool if you add weekly/monthly Quests for Unique Items like Transmog Weapons or Setsthat are not obtainablein game or Mounts / Rings , Trinkets etc. 2 --> LegendaryWeapons/Rings,Trinkets etc that can get upgraded to +10 and haveslightly better stats than the Donor ones and got some special added spellslike "Deathbringer's Will" 3 -->Adding Quests for Titles 4 --> Adding Auras like Shadowmourne'sto Quests that require special items which are dropped from last boss on each Custom Instance on 15-20% drop rate . 5 -->Add more Morph ID's
  8. The last PvP event i remember was with GEN1 Gear(No Titan's Grip except for warriorsand no donor buffs) and it was fun. Btw +1 for the idea
  9. I can't find the shields ----->https://imgur.com/a/dAegE
  10. Legion Wepons

    Do you plan on adding Legion Weps to Mazino? Because if you want to transmog your mace to a Legion Sword you can't because the new Transmogrifier doesn't let you, he only lets you transmog mace to mace/sword to sword etc.
  11. S-GEN6 Relics

    Are the S-GEN6 relics added as drop(i killed alot of bosses in GEN6 and they never drop)? or there is some other way of getting them?
  12. Pozer Speed & Flyhacking!

    what if this was a nitro boots fail?
  13. Legendary items/weapons

    +1 but its not going to happen if you ask me
  14. Upgradable Weps

    No one said that the weps must have the same stats as the ones i made in the video