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  1. Rules Level 1. ○ 1. English only in world chat! ○ 2. Do not verbal abuse players! ○ 3. Do not spam world chat! ○ 4. No buddy likes drama, don't do drama! Level 2. ○ 1. Multiboxing is OK in PVE, but do not do it on PVP! ○ 2. Do not farm Honor / Battlegrounds on your own on alt accounts! Level 3. ○ 1. Do not insult staff members! ○ 2. Oblivion-wow doesn't support racists! ○ 3. Do not leak any personal infomation of players, without permission! Level 4. ○ 1. Hacking is not allowed on the server! ○ 2. DO NOT exploit bugs, if you find any report them to the staff so we can get them fixed as soon as possible! Level 5. ○ 1. DO NOT scam people on the server! ○ 2. DO NOT Sell / Trade accounts or in-game currency for money. ○ 3. Do not impersonate being from the staff! ○ 4. Do not threaten staff members! ○ 5. Advertising is forbidden! Regulations Level 1 - Warnings, Mutes. Level 2 - 24~hours ban, Level 3 - A week(7 days) ban! level 4 - A month(30 days) ban! level 5 - Permanent ban!
  2. 1. It is mandatory to write in English only! 2. Spamming and unnecessary comments are prohibited! 3. Insults and disputes are forbidden! 4. Advertising in the forum is forbidden! 4.1. Advertising is prohibited in signatures. 4.2. Advertising is prohibited in Avatars. 5. Each topic title should describe its contents as clearly as possible! 6. Pornographic content is prohibited in signatures or avatars! 7. When you start a topic, it must be in the right section. 8. Any manifestation of racism (through the use of photographs, videos and any other material), ethnic offenses and attacks as well as threatening comments are prohibited. 9. Uploading and sharing of images with disturbing graphic content is prohibited - murders, bloody scenes, and human and / or animal abuse! 10. Uploading photos of other users is prohibited without their express permission. If a photo is improperly uploaded, the owner will be contacted and if he/she didn't allowed, the offender will be penalized with a +1 warning. A more serious violation may lead to ban.
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