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  1. christmas

  2. BGs

    We dont even got any presents for christmas / new year you really think they will add this? lol
  3. christmas

    Still waiting in 2019
  4. T5

    I think they cant add loot to it because sinja used the same mobs for hillsbrad, t5 have "Haunting Sha" and hillsbrad too
  5. Hillsbrad

  6. Hillsbrad

    Hello! The flowers are really really hard to optain.... I farmed for around 4-5 or so and thats what i gothttp://prntscr.com/lzrkgy 1296 black flowers + 817 purple flowers (1500 needet for the quest!) Can you maybe put down some more flowers / increase the drop / lower the amount of flowers needet for quest? Something of this or so? Right now it takes WAY TO LONG to optain an upgrade its horrible to farm them (Not hard just takes years and its boring) Thanks
  7. Rogue poisons

    Sinja you closed my topic without letting me reply to it Why you think rogues are fine? Their deadly poison use USELESS its not worth to use it? why you wanna limitate rogue on 2 poisons only? And paladins got nerfed, yep the seal! but not judgement it still hits for 11m + 2m from the seal
  8. Xmas buffer (elune)

    For what reason the elune buffer is only in gurubashi? Is it only a buff for some special players? Why its not in mall too? i thought it is a PVE and PVP server??????
  9. Class Balance

    Hello Oblivion rogue deadly poison hits lower then the normal poison for everyone else + it doesnt proc that often because it comes only every 3 seconnds and you need to get on 5 stacks first to get the full damage out of it Here some screenshots from the rogue poison http://prntscr.com/ltlz5c http://prntscr.com/ltlyy7 Instant poison is fine, it procs on hit, it have decent damage, but deadly poison is just useless Thats bobs poison http://prntscr.com/ltlzks Does more dmg thendeadly poison and procs more often because it doesnt deal dmg every 3 secs only Then we have a big damage issue... Paladin spells require no casttime and have a short cd http://prntscr.com/ltm1al http://prntscr.com/ltm1fc 13M damage with 1 judgement is way to much http://prntscr.com/ltm1t0 Thats the pyroblast from the mage! 1.96 sec casttime and lower damage then paladin judgement http://prntscr.com/ltm3a2
  10. VIP

    Hello baal, Every VIP rankgives +50% more Honor & AP - Kiwi
  11. Website.

    Hello, thanks for your report! Will get fixed thank you /closed
  12. Hey, it would be really cool if its able to "farm" refund/expansions tokens, like 5-10% dropchance from Elitebosses, they are pretty useless :3 And 15dp for 1 expansion tokens is way to mutch, they are easy optainable now :3
  13. Tabards.

    Like you say, the + donor ones are fine too! Those illusions tabards are for the aura + they are a little bit better (like +donor and arena items) - kiwi
  14. Some Suggestions

    Some suggestions for Oblivion-WoW 1.) Increase the Daily Quest Limit! 25 is way to low, there are 17 alterac quests, 10 elitebosses, i do the eliteboss quests everyday, and the alterac quests i made the last 3-4 days too, as full run 25 isnt enough for that! if its not able to higher then it would be nice to make the alterac quests a bit compacter And in the alterac quest area is an boss without quest (Alterac Supreme) or anything like that 2.) New content idea: Make it able to farm titles! Like really slow but make it able, a daily quest to kill an boss (More then 1 person needet), reward is 1 token for everyone and you need 15 for 1 or Make it able to farm it like the alterac area (A small area with mobs for title farming, but still with dailys to make it SLOW!) Maybe make them tradeable too like the essences, new currency ^.^ 3.) Restirct the Flying Donator Mount in gurubashi! You cant get dismountet (i think there is 1 or 2 days but idk thats bs xD) 4.) The chicken mount is insane! If it would have 125% Speed 5.) Farmable Flying Mounts (Slow flying mounts + Really hard to optain!) 6.) Small rewards for the top voters (Make it more attractive to vote everywhere because the 3x bonus you can get from only voting at 1 site too) 7.) Make a Preview for the sets that costs expansions tokens PLEASE, i wastet 2 expansions tokens on a leather set and then it was druid :3 Yea now i got an druid set on my rogue haha that would be 1-2mount´s:3 8.) Add an pve way to get arena points, i know arena points comes from arena but alterac quests have it too, that way it would be easier to get the arena gear without waiting only It is hard to find people for arena because they prefer to save dp and buy it 9.) Andi had an great idea about an new Event, something with the Pie chair Like: There 2 teams, 1 team get that chair with alot of hp and needs to come from the start till end, and save the chair, the other team needs to kill the chair or anything like that. would need some time to think about it but the idea could be funny & is unique! RIP ANDIS CHAIR!
  15. Unable to Connect

    Hello Esdeath, when you open the realmlist.wtf what it tells you? Please change your realmlist to: set realmlist play.oblivion-wow.com - Kiwi