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  1. christmas

    Most likely Yes! Unfortunately it will have to be delayed since our owner is away for a few days, but i promise there will be some sort of gifts! Also there will be multiple events in-game during the holidays! Hope that answered your question. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas! //Senior GM Aleister Oblivion-WoW Staff
  2. Will be fixed later today, Thanks for reporting this in. //Locked Community Manager Aleister <Oblivion-WoW Staff>
  3. Recover Character

    make your own thread with the request. //Thread Closed
  4. John.

    What happened to John i wont mention due to personal reasons, it was down because he didn't find any other owner until a few months later who happened to wannaget oblivion back up, Thunder had been working with John before during the time when John was the owner. No worries about the wrong section, i moved it. //Administrator Aleister Oblivion-WoW Staff
  5. Bags

  6. Bags

    pointless to add upgrades for bags cuz there is ppl with full bags & banks, would require them to empty it all out so thanks but no thanks. //Community Manager & Administrator Aleister Oblivion-WoW Staff
  7. Official Meme Thread

    hahahaha this has to be one of my favorites, its in Swedish so ill translate from the top left, right & then the bottom. "What do we get from a chicken?" "Egg!!" "What do we get from a pig?" "Bacon!!"" "What do we get froma cow?" "Homework!!"
  8. Official Meme Thread

  9. Lottery

    Greetings Skinners! The lottery is closed for now, will possibly be re-opened later, not entirely sure yet. //Community Manager Gräddfilen Oblivion-WoW Staff
  10. Greetings Oblivion WoW Community! Tomorrow around 07:00 AM server time we are going to be performing a server maintenance, the ETA of the downtime is scheduled to be around 2-4 hours If you have any questions or concerns regarding this please create a ticket in-game and we'll be with you shortly. Thank you for your patience & happy playing Oblivion! //Community Manager Gräddfilen Oblivion-WoW Staff
  11. candies

    Hello Intruder! It was announced earlier today that the christmas vendor is going to be released later today around 01:00 AM, If you have any further questions or concerns dont hesitate to contact us! //Community Manager Gräddfilen Oblivion-WoW Staff
  12. Official Meme Thread

    !WARNING! if you're easily offended, please leave this thread as some memes may be extreme, feel free to post them memes below boys ;d ill start with a simple one [I[
  13. help i lost me characters

    Hello Speedy, Do you know how long it was since you last played on our servers? If you were inactive for longer than 1 year then it's possible that your account may have been deleted. (If you don't respond within 72 hours (3 days) I am going to close the thread and you'll have to create a new one) //Community Manager Gräddfilen Oblivion-WoW Staff