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  1. Gold Coin(DP) to Silver Coin(VP)

    "25 [Silver Coins]for1 [Gold Coin]"has been done. you'll find a vendor called"Silver/Gold Coin Converter" in our mall. Regards,
  2. Class Balance

    Palas got nerfed already and they will stay like that now. Rogues are op enought pve/pvp wise there is no rework needed. closed.
  3. Xmas buffer (elune)

    The Buffer will stay somewhere else on each Event. closed.
  4. Arena Gear Released

    Hello Oblivion Today we Released the New Arena Stuff Enjoy it! be sure you redownloaded the Patch-8.mpq Regards, Sinja
  5. Today we released the new Alterac PvP Quest Area Regards, Sinja
  6. Class Buffs/ Buffer NPC

    Hello Oblivion Class Buffs got reworked/ Buffer NPC-Updated Priest: HP Buffs, [Power Word: Fortitude] Rank8 [Prayer of Fortitude] Rank4 Spirit Buffs, [Divine Spirit] Rank6 [Prayer of Spirit] Rank3 Shadow Resist. [Shadow Protection] Rank5 [Prayer of Shadow Protection] Rank3 Warrior: HP Buffs, [Commanding Shout] Rank3 AP Buffs, [Battle Shout] Rank9 Paladin: AP Buffs, [Blessing of Might] Rank 10 [Greater Blessing of Might] Rank 5 Warlock: HP Buffs, [Blood Pact] Rank 7 Shadow Absorb, [Shadow Ward] Rank 6 Int/Spirit Buffs, [Fel Intelligence] Rank 5 Damage Absorb, [Sacrifice] Rank 9 Regards, Sinja
  7. Future Content Ideas

    Greetings Peroxide, Thank you for the Post. We can take a look for it. I remember the spell was disabled. because itwas too strong for rogues etc... Regards, Sinja
  8. Future Content Ideas

    Greetings Sathachein, You actually collected a lot of good ideas!I will discuss your ideaswith my Team soon as i canandsee what can be done. Regards, Sinja
  9. Tabards of Illusions

    Tabards of Illusions! A big thanks to Tyrael&Krumenn for all who like it Tabard of Rest Tabard of Hearts Tabard of Flames Tabard of Shadow Tabard of Arcance Tabard of Dark Tabard of Chain Tabard of Blood Regards, Sinja
  10. Oblivions Update Preview! The new Custom Raid Zul`Gurub: released. Custom Mount´s (Zul Gurub): added (very low drop rate beetween 1%-2%) Custom Mount Quest (Zul`Gurub): added. Worlbosses: we added Orb of Vengeful Gladiator, TIER1/TIER1 Weapon Token into the loot (meduim drop rate beetween 25%-35%) New TIER-3 Gear/Wep Quests (Zul`Gurub): added. PvE Token Vendor: added. PvE Token: added (You can get these from the World/Raid Bosses). New Water Effect: added. Gen2-4 Dungeons: token Value increased (10 for ech Boss). Gen2-6 Gear: reworked. Gurubashi/PvP Zones: you are able to get PvP Tokens if you kill someone. Violet Hold Quest (Permission to Enter): fixed (Majestic Core removed). Teleporter Globe/Pet: updated. --- redownload the patch-8.mpq --- Regards, Sinja
  11. Future Content Ideas

    HelloTyrael, Thank you for the Post, we will discuss your ideas in the near future and see what can be done. Regards, Sinja
  12. Oblivion´s Future Content

    Greetings everyone, As we previously announced, we are looking to improve your time, here, on oblivion. Below I will list the changes that will take place in the following weeks: We will add a new Custom Raid. Gen2-4 Dungeons:We will add more Emblems to the Enemys. PvP/Arena Gear(more information will be posted later). Gen2-6 Gear: will be reworked. Class rework. We will add some Cata/Mop Mounts to the new Custom Raid. Gurubashi/PvP Zones: You will be able to get PvP Tokens if you kill someone. Regards, Sinja.
  13. Oblivion´s Future Update

    Hello Oblivion-WoW, my name is Sinja. You all know Thunder, he was the owner of Oblivion-wow and will be resigning as such. Thank you for your work Thunder. Me andAndi will become the new owners of Oblivion-wow and work towards improving the server to the best of our ability. You'll be able to contact us on either Skype (sinjara55) (andi12345678960), or discord for live support. Before we'll be able to bring you new content we'll first have to fix the old one which will take a few weeks. We're also going to remove donor ++/+++. You'll of course be refunded the Donation Points spent on the items in question Here some Updates: Mall: a new Mall will be added. Old-Worldbosses: will be able to random drop gen 2-5/6 Tokens and Orb of Vengerful Gladiator (t3 gems). We will add some usefull Quests for all those. Instant 255: Will be removed. We add a Level Road into the Server. Gen2 Raid: will be closed Gen3 Raid: will be closed Gen4 Raid: will be closed Gen5 Raid: will be reworked Gen6 Raid: will be reworked Gen7 Raid: will be closed Gen2-4 Solo Dungeons: Damage/HP from the trash and Bosses will be Increased. Gurubashi: You will be able to get Tokens if you kill someone in this Zone. A Token Vendor will be added to get some rewards for the Tokens. Resilence/Stamina Orbs: will be fixed in the future so that you are able to use them on all zones. Arena Gear: We will add Arena Gear to the Server which is better than Donor +. more soon. Regards, Sinja