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  1. Hillsbrad

    People still farm this?
  2. Subscribe to PewDiePie

    Is that Lambo
  3. Subscribe to PewDiePie

    Just sub to Pewdiepie ez ez
  4. Future Content Ideas

    My ideas 1.Custom Weapons/Custom Weapons with Illusion. https://imgur.com/a/quGsYAP&https://imgur.com/a/J31bNdd 2.New way to get Tome of Chaos,Orbs,Tier tokens & etc. 3.Add Exchanger for Honor>PvPTokens,Tome of Chaos. 4.Make new way to level up VIP like voting more to level up it. 5.Search forGMs,Community Manager,Moderator,Developer. 6.Add daily quests for World Bosses wich can give Honor,Tier Tokens,Gen Tokens 7.Follow Top vote system and give rewards for top voters. 8.Build Custom events and createquests at the startandput Npc for completing quest at the end of the event.Reward Expansion Token+Event Token+Honor. 8.Add quest for PvE tokens. 9.Change Spawn time for World Bosses/Elite Bosses 15-20 minutes. 10.Make again weekly VP events for 1-2 hours. 11.Add Arena Points to Battle for Gurubashiquest.
  5. VIP pet transmog

    BOI you still alive
  6. Official Meme Thread


    Hanz was stalking us