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  1. Returned Player, VIP items unequipable

    Good Evening Hagath, Unfortunately we will not be refunding the items for you, nor giving the Refund Tokens. As for the spell refund, you will need a Spell Refund Token AND a normal Refund Token\ ~Flannel the Insane~ ~Head Game Master, Oblivion-WoW~
  2. didnt recieve donor gear

    Can you message me your account name so we can look into it? ~Flannel the Insane~ ~Head Game Master, Oblivion-WoW~
  3. didnt recieve donor gear

    Good Evening @bloxxerguy57 Did you verify you did not send it to a different character? You have to confirm which toon you send it to in the item shop ~Flannel the Insane~ ~Head Game Master, Oblivion-WoW~
  4. Jammy's Game Master Application

    Good Afternoon Jammy, So off the bat, I will say that unfortunately you do not meet the requirements:Have a minimum of 7 days played time (You can check it by writing /played ingame), Have atleast a "Full Arena I" Character. So that is an automatic -1 from me; however, the rest of your application is very well written and we have chatted a bit in game in the past few days. ~Flannel the Insane~ ~Head Game Master, Oblivion-WoW~
  5. Forum Signatures?

    Looks great! For a boredom work job,its nice and clean. ~Flannel the Insane~ ~Head Game Master, Oblivion-WoW~

    As Intruder said, yes this is an interesting idea, but will take ALOT of time to do as we are currently focused on the content players have now. ~Flannel the Insane~ ~Head Game Master, Oblivion-WoW~
  7. christmas

    Intruder, We are indeed looking into what gifts we will give this year, as Aleister mentioned ~Flannel the Insane~ ~Head Game Master, Oblivion-WoW~
  8. new arena Sigil quest

    Thanks for the report Baal, We will get this fixed ~Flannel the Insane~ ~Head Game Master, Oblivion-WoW~ //closed
  9. Latest Update 12 December 2018 https://www.mediafire.com/file/cc8cx18bqm89jbe/ODT.zip/file
  10. Oblivion-WoW Change Log

    OBLIVION - WOW Patch 1.1.0 The one for class rebalancing and fixes Paladin Seal of Righteousnessnow deals 20% less damage for its "unleashing this seal's energy. . ." effect. Hammer of Wrathreceived a 35% damage increase. Holy Shocknow heals for 5% less. Seal of Lightis no longer disabled however has received a 30% healing reduction. Priest Power Word: Shieldnow absorbs 15% more damage. Renewnow heals for 40% more. Smitehas received a 10% damage increase. Prayer of Healingnow heals for 20% more. Greater Healnow heals for 20% less. Devouring Plaguehas had its damage reduced by 5%. Mind Blasthas received a 10% damage increase. Holy Firenow deals 40% more direct damage and its damage over time has been increased by 380%. Shadow Word: Deathhas had its total damage dealt increased by 15%. Prayer of Mendingnow heals for40% less. Circle of Healingnow heals for 50% more. Penancenow deals 50% more damage. Divine Hymnnow heals for 150% more. Empowered Renew (Talent)has been disabled (all 3 ranks) Warlock Corruptionhad has its total damage reduced by 45%. Drain Lifehas had its damage dealt reduced by 10%. healing ??? Curse of Agonyhas had its total damage dealt increased by 30%. Searing Painhas had its damage reduced by 15%. Shadow Wardnow absorbs 10% less shadow damage. Shadowburnnow deals 45% more damage. Unstable Afflictionhad had its damage dealt when dispelled reduced by 35%. Shadowflamenow deals 70% more total damage with its Damage Over Time effect. Hauntnow deals 20% less damage. Chaos Boltnow deals 30% less damage to players and their pets. (damage remains the same in PvE scenarios) Shadow Cleave (demon form)now deals 10% less damage Mage Fireballnow deals 20% more direct damage and its damage over time totaldamage has been increased by 50% Flamestrikehas had its Damage over time increased by 40%. Fire Blastnow deals 10% more damage. Arcane Missleshas had its damage reduced by 10%. Pyroblastnow deals 40% more direct damage and its damage over timeincreased by 30%. Arcane Blastnow deals 30% more damage. Arcane Barragenow deals 70% more damage. Living Bombnow deals 35% more damage over time and its explosiondamage is increased by 10%. Frostfire Bolthas had its damage over time increased by 30%. Druid Thornshas had its damage dealt reduced by 50%. Riphas had its spell bonus from Spell Power reduced to 0 Healing Touchnow heals for 15% less. Shaman Healing Stream Totemhas had its healingreduced by 50%. Flametongue Weaponhas had its damage increased by 15% Lightning Shieldnow procs for 30% more damage Ancestral Awakening(Talent)has been disabled (all 3 ranks) Warrior Thunder Claphas had its damage increasedby 20%. Revengenow deals 20% less damage Intercepthas had its damage increasedby 20% Heroic Throwhas had its damage increasedby 120% Shattering Throwhas had its damage increased by 1880% Death Knight Blood Plaguenow deals15%damage per tick Frost Strikenow deals 10% less damage Additional Notes: Rogues and Hunters have been left alone at this time as the team testing and helping the staff work in the rework have felt they are doing fine with the aforementioned changes.
  11. reimbursed

    @Intruder @m0111you have to manually pick which character you send items to, that is the second check to verify what you are buying
  12. arena point bug vendor price

    Good Evenin Baal, This is a visual bug, it is a 150 Arena Point to 150 epic Arena Points ~Flannel the Insane~ ~Head GM, Oblivion-WoW~
  13. reimbursed

    It was Done i responded on your first post
  14. Unable to Connect

    @wowjustwowIntruder is not "Trolling" the forums, he was stating that another player had already mentioned the fix over a month ago. ~Flannel the Insane~ ~Head Game Master, Oblivion-WoW~
  15. reimbursed

    Good afternoon M0111, You were reimbursed the 35 DP that was spent. ~Flannel the Insane~ ~Head GM, Oblivion-WoW~