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  1. Game Master [Beater]

    This server has enough jajas in high ranks.

    Name: Ted Username: .pinfo Ted Age:20 Played Time on Server (going off of account details on website): Member since 2014-01-02 (approx 100d played idk) Experienced Class(s) you wish to test for or are capable of testing for: Everything In-game Main Character Name: Ted Why do you wanna be a Beta Tester? : Because I know this server inside out Time zone : UTC +3 Availability : EU Evenings (mostly weekends)
  3. VIP pet transmog

    zane i deleted all cs's
  4. The new currency

    Greetings, as most of you have noticed there has been a few new items, currencies and vendors added to the server. We've been getting a lot of questions about them, so hopefully this guide will answer all of them. What's new? Well there were new currencies added,Writhing Essence, Tome of Chaos & Copper Coins. A new mini game - The Brawler's Guild. A lot of transmogrification items for weapons, custom mounts, all from the Legion expansion. 1. Copper Coins - This is a currency used to buy tickets to participate in the Brawlers Guild. You can obtain them by doing quests given by Hemet Nesingwary, in those quests, all information is given on how to find the Elites. Their respawn time is 15 minutes. You can do these quests daily and get up to 1000 Copper Coins a day. 2.Writhing Essence- This is a currency used to buy various other items from Interrogator Khan ( such as Tier 5 Gems, Donator ++ Tokens, Refund tokens etc. ) .The currency can be acquired by killing the Elites from previously mentioned Hemet Nesingwary's given quests. Each Elite drops 10 Essence. 3.Tome of Chaos -This is a currency used to buy custom weapon transmogrification items from Overlord Mor'Ghor, all items cost 1 Tome of Chaos. You will need to exchange 250 Writhing Essence to buy one Tome of Chaos. 4. Brawlers Guild - This is a mini game in which you will face 7 bosses, each with a different power. You get a reward after each boss you kill, if you managed to survive all 8 bosses, you get an extra award. Also, there is a chance of receiving a Epic currency which will be used to buy custom rings and trinkets, the gear will have greater stats than current GEN6 gear. NOTE: The vendor for the gear is to be added. If you manage to get the Epic currency, hold on to it! And example of the currencies, they can be found in your Currency tab!: Sincerely, Oblivion-WoW Staff.
  5. Bags

    You're not famaks, you dont have full bags.
  6. Transfer DP

    Hello, Sorry, but we do not do such transfers.
  7. recover My acc

    Hello, Unfortunately account sharing is your responsibility and we cannot help you with your issue.
  8. balance druid

    Hello, balance druids do a lot of damage with starfire, though the dots aren't as powerful, survivability is decent, since you got form changing that keeps you out of roots/freeze, bear form for more health & regen and not to mention typhoon/roots/cyclone. Survivability wont be re-done, atleast for now, however the dots might be.
  9. recovery my donor character or dp

    Dealt with
  10. my donor character warrior

    State your Character and Account names
  11. donor staus

    When you were refunded 40DP (The cost of the VIP) did you buy anything with them? (Items/Gold coins/Tokens/Transmogs)
  12. I'm back to oblivion again

    My vip does not work I had to buy a vip again 40 dp - We have a new VIP system, everyone who have had VIP were refunded 40 dp to repurchase it. Then I try to refund to try to equip myself again and for each refund I lose 2 dp osea that I will not be able to have the equipment +++ because obviously I do not have dp since the dp that deserved to recover by the error in the backups never recover them. - It's been said hundred of times that you do not receive 100% of the items cost if it's upgraded. I can not have a full character because I never got the dp from when the backups were lost - Everyone that had spent DP were refunded accordingly to the logs we had.
  13. I'm back to oblivion again

    Greetings, Devastation!
  14. Hangin out with homies

    No crew is full without Ted! That is an order.
  15. Wow.exe is corrupt

    Please remove any patches from other servers. That's causing the problem.