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  1. Application for GM

    Heya Tronnor So as you have pointed out. You do not meet played time requirements HOWEVER from the responces they seem genuine and relatively what we look for. Now from MY personal opinion. I prefer you get to know the community first. The play time requirement isnt just for knowing the server setup itself and such, but also seeing how the Community itself acts and works. Thats what we mean behind it. Im at a neutral standpoint. I dont say no BUT i prefer if you had more time here exposed to the community here . Not just for the job but for your time here on oblivion, wether as a player OR staff. This will have an impact when it comes down to decision making but its the only negative i see here.

    Handrey you areAccepted please be available in discord for how to connect.

    Exodia, you are Accepted please contact me on discord for more info.

    Both Ted and Colo are Accepted. Please pay attention to Discord for more info.

    Accepted please make sure you stay tuned in discord for more info.

    Both of you areAccepted! Please stay tuned in Discord for a private message regarding more info.

    Accepted please stay tuned in Discord for a private message for more info.

    Accepted. Please stay tuned in Discord for a private message for further details.

    OPEN BETA APPLICATIONS ARE NOW BEING ACCEPTED!!! We are now conducting an open PTR for future updates for Oblivion-WoW, but that means we need YOU . We need people that are experienced with World of Warcraft and the Oblivion-WoW server both and are experienced with PvP (Player Versus Player) and PvE (Raiding and Dungeons) on set classes. If you wish to be a part of this volunteer team please fill out an application in this format. { Beta Test Application } Name: Username: Age: Played Time on Server (going off of account details on website): Experienced Class(s) you wish to test for or are capable of testing for: In-game Main Character Name: Why do you wanna be a Beta Tester? : Time zone : Availability : To be eligible you need to meet THESE qualifications: * Have been a member of the server for at least a year. * Have in-game play time equivalent to 48 hours (2 days) on one character (characters that were deleted before huge character wipe are not included) . * Be able to communicate in simple and understandable English. * Not have any Bans active. YOU COULD BE A HUGE IMPACT OF THIS SERVER'S FUTURE! Register TODAY!
  10. Tabards.

    The price will hold as they are for now. Thise tabards are designed to be one of the last things you purchase and will remain as such until they are either out-powered by newer items or a store rework or such.
  11. Future Content Ideas

    One idea i had was something more immersive, like the actual legendary weapons already existing in-game be elevated to 255 level, but with new quests oriented with "Reforging" each one. Or even implement new custom gems for weapons that give them legendary weapon perks. allowing more fine-tuning to how you want your weapons to function in the game. The data for the "sha-touched" gems were imported from the MoP db and could be repurposed to fit this need. Or turn the effects into enchants. Something to give players a sence of sticking out from one another instead of everyone doing the same checklist of: - Get Dual wield - Get Titan's Grip - Buy two-Handed maces x2 - Proceed to feel like best player in game until called trash by someone else, then camp them . . .it kinda seems extremely repetitive but with something like this it could open the door to the beginning of play-style tweaking and tuning. After all a 255 server eliminates the talent tweaking , considering we get ALL THE TALENTS ~(*- * ~). Plus. . .if there were quests oriented around these said weapons/enchants, a player would have a sence of pride and accomplishment with them. especially if the quests were challenging. Encouraging players to show them off more. They also dont have to be legendary by rarity but also legendary by lore, like [The Corrupted Ashbringer] . Having people running around with said weapons that function uniquely compared to others would be exciting and promote more people wanting to team up to conquer these new challenges. . .for the sweet sweet loot. It'll also cause some people to change their loadouts to fill the new style they are trying to perfect too. maybe introducing characters NOT needing titans grip but maybe just one two-hander like how the game was designed to run. Capitalize on the prime real estate at your feet. Sincerely, -Zakuto