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  1. Where is everyone

    What do you mean? I'm right here.
  2. <title>

    zdravstvuj frien yes I am doing good spasibo drink vodka yell at woman BLYAT MONIKA GIV MOR KRAKERS
  3. <title>

  4. Honor Bug

    Wow, doing quests is now bug abusing. What has the world come to? I wonder what's next - banning world exploring because you get experience for it outside of the level zone? I'll just pretend this part is not in your post.
  5. Honor Bug

    This is in no way gamebreaking and actually a very valid way to obtain honor for players who can't compete in the *cough* pvp scene *cough*. Stop looking for things to report to make yourself look like the good guy.
  6. Donor Suggestion

    Nobody's forcing you to do it.
  7. Donor Suggestion

    Because most of the donors on oblivion never spent a penny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. PVE Gear

    I can already see those jaja armies, wearing almost BiS gear from just raiding, dominating gurubashi at a ratio 5:1. All in all a good idea to raise the population. After all, it's the quantity of players that is more important than the quality they bring with them.
  9. Unable to log in

    Sounds like your ISP might have blacklisted Oblivion from its servers. Have you tried checking up with them?
  10. Meta Gems

    If you're really concerned about having an empty meta socket, just put a random meta gem in it. It won't work, but it'll help your OCD.
  11. Let's see how much accounts can we get?

    that moment is probably the biggest population oblivion's ever got ayylmao
  12. Zanza

    Butthurt casters.
  13. meme

  14. Buff

    I think there's been a misunderstanding here. With the way (Greater) blessings work, one player cannot cast both GBoK and GBoS on himself because the game mechanic is preventing him from doing it. That's why in WotLK during raids or BGs there was always more than two paladins to get all the blessings. In simplier words - GBoK and GBoS have to be cast from two different players in order to stack. I don't know what server you've played on, hope22, but it sure as hell didn't have working game mechanics. Given the aforementioned mechanic it's impossible to implement what you're suggesting. Unless you want to change the game code. Good luck with that.
  15. Buff

    I second this. Buff command is nothing but pointless if there's a buffer NPC.