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  1. played time

    Add some NPC which will give us reward for played time in game : gems,dp,mounts,titles etc
  2. battle rank

    also XP from kiling WBs,dungeons bosses , higher "battle rank" better rewards , create some NPC which add different rewards each level up
  3. Add some exchange NPC for essences / flowers some essences are pretty useles : Binding Esence , Astral Essence
  4. BGs

    Hi i have idea for BGs.After end BG give reward like Win/Lose chest which will contains some random loot like vp/dp coins , honor , arena points , materials to upgrade arena gear , for future can be added loots depends on current pvp gear system.Also add debuff for leaving BGs
  5. T5 loot mobs

    Please make drop Mark of the Corrupted drop as Currency as it drop from GEN dungeons.It will make dungeon more swift
  6. T5

    After kill mobs in T5 they spawn another mob. Remove spawning mobs after kill or add them loot.For now they have no loot and it just slow dungeon almost double time for no more loot

    idea not bad, but i doubt they can manage it and i would preffer some guild house/buffs/mounts etc morethan guild war on low population server
  8. pet teleporter

    Hi pet teleporter missing teleport to T5
  9. T5 vendor

    Hi T5 vendor doesnt sell weapons
  10. Hillsbrad

  11. new arena Sigil quest

    Hi i think this quest gives no item.
  12. Staff same stats

    hi why old and new arena weapon staff have same SP?
  13. VIP

    Maybe can gold and platinum get more % bonus for honor and AP
  14. When im buying Epic arena points it cost me 150ap instad of 100ap as it should cost