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  1. Returned Player, VIP items unequipable

    Why is that so? I mean i could understand it if it was something where i messed up, but for something like this, where i had no control over it, i kind of feel that this is unfair. oh, and thanks for telling me about that Spell Refund Token :thumps up:
  2. Hey! I just returned to the Server and wanted to play and right after login i realized that half of my VIP Equipment was sent back to my Mailbox and is now Class specific and my Paladin is unable to wear them. Is it possible to have the Refunded by you or to give me the Refund tokens if that is easier, i would appreciate that, i would rather not spend 225 VP on this since this is not my fault in any way. Thanks in advance! #Edit : I also can't refund Titan's Grip via the NPC, i have the Refund token in my Inventory but it just keeps telling me i don't have one.