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[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions

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Welcome to the FAQs thread, if you're having a problem then please search and see if 
your problem has already been solved before making a new post and/or ticket!


Why can't I complete this quest?


If the continue button is greyed out, the first thing you should try is abandoning the quest and retaking it, but if that doesn't work, try putting the quest items into the bank and retrieving them again. If all of this failed to help then the last thing you can try is deleting your cache or just contact a GM.


Do you lose gems whilst upgrading donor items?


Yes, unfortunately until a way is created to extract gems you'll have to refund the item you want to upgrade in order to get the gems back.


How do I use "The Refunder"?


The only items you can refund are the ones that can be located in the 'Item Store' (excluding the stackable items). Trying to refund any other item will result in a failure message in the chat.

In order to refund a certain item, you need to have a 'Refund Token' in your bags, which can be located in the 'Item Store' for 25VP/each. Just 'right click' on 'The Refunder' and 'left click' on the item you want to refund and wait for the magic to happen. If the refund is successful, you will see a confirmation message in the chat telling you how much the item was refunded for.

All accounts upon creation gain '5 FREE REFUNDS' as a gift, however be sure to use those wisely, because once you've used up those 5 you will start needing the  'Refund Token'.

Why can I not use weapons and/or spells?


Please make sure you have our custom patches installed, you can find them as well as instructions HERE. Please also be sure to remove custom patches from other servers, if your client itself was also modified to play a server then that could also create the issue however it is an unlikely case. Remember once you've installed the patches to delete your cache whilst the game is closed.



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