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Oblivion-WoW Change Log

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Patch 1.1.0

The one for class rebalancing and fixes



Seal of Righteousness now deals 20% less damage for its "unleashing this  seal's energy. . ." effect.

Hammer of Wrath received a 35% damage increase.

Holy Shock now heals for 5% less.

Seal of Light is no longer disabled however has received a 30% healing reduction.



Power Word: Shield now absorbs 15% more damage.

Renew now heals for 40% more.

Smite has received a 10% damage increase.

Prayer of Healing now heals for 20% more.

Greater Heal now heals for 20% less.

Devouring Plague has had its damage reduced by 5%.

Mind Blast has received a 10% damage increase.

Holy Fire now deals 40% more direct damage and its damage over time has      been increased by 380%.

Shadow Word: Death has had its total damage dealt increased by 15%.

Prayer of Mending now heals for 40% less.

Circle of Healing now heals for 50% more.

Penance now deals 50% more damage.

Divine Hymn now heals for 150% more.

Empowered Renew (Talent) has been disabled (all 3 ranks)




Corruption had has its total damage reduced by 45%.

Drain Life has had its damage dealt reduced by 10%. healing ???

Curse of Agony has had its total damage dealt increased by 30%.

Searing Pain has had its damage reduced by 15%.

Shadow Ward now absorbs 10% less shadow damage.

Shadowburn now deals 45% more damage.

Unstable Affliction had had its damage dealt when dispelled reduced by           35%.

Shadowflame now deals 70% more total damage with its Damage Over Time effect.

Haunt now deals 20% less damage.

Chaos Bolt now deals 30% less damage to players and their pets. (damage          remains the same in PvE scenarios)

Shadow Cleave (demon form) now deals 10% less damage




Fireball now deals 20% more direct damage and its damage over time total damage has been increased by 50%

Flamestrike has had its Damage over time increased by 40%.

Fire Blast now deals 10% more damage.

Arcane Missles has had its damage reduced by 10%.

Pyroblast now deals 40% more direct damage and its damage over time increased by 30%.

Arcane Blast now deals 30% more damage.

Arcane Barrage now deals 70% more damage.

Living Bomb now deals 35% more damage over time and its explosion damage is increased by 10%.

Frostfire Bolt has had its damage over time increased by 30%.




Thorns has had its damage dealt reduced by 50%.

Rip has had its spell bonus from Spell Power reduced to 0

Healing Touch now heals for 15% less.



Healing Stream Totem has had its healing reduced by 50%.

Flametongue Weapon has had its damage increased by 15%

Lightning Shield now procs for 30% more damage

Ancestral Awakening (Talent) has been disabled (all 3 ranks)



Thunder Clap has had its damage increased by 20%.

Revenge now deals 20% less damage

Intercept has had its damage increased by 20%

Heroic Throw has had its damage increased by 120%

Shattering Throw has had its damage increased by 1880%


Death Knight

Blood Plague now deals 15% damage per tick

Frost Strike now deals 10% less damage



Additional Notes: Rogues and Hunters have been left alone at this time as the team testing and helping the staff work in the rework have felt they are doing fine with the aforementioned changes.







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