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Hello everyone.


Ever wanted a morph back from the good ol' times?

This is the time to do that! Put the morph ID's you want to be in game. Me and @Andi will be checking them and the ones that are reasonable we'll add back in game.

Few things you might wanna know before doing so

: IT SHOULD BE OKAY TO PVP with/against :

: Not too big or too small models :

I'll be answering in topic any question's or so.

Currently Morph's:

*Ally/Horde Bosses*
Thrall: 4527
Vol'jin: 10357
Lady Sylvanas: 28213
Lady sylvanas UC: 11657
Cairne Bloodhoof: 4307

King Varian Wrynn: 28127
Tyrande Whisperwind: 7274
Tyrande Whisperwind New: 60025
High Tinker Mekkatorque: 31658
Magni Bronzebeard: 3597

Silvermoon Guard: 15511
Stormwind Guard Female: 5446
Stormwind Guard Male: 3167
Darnassus Guard: 14615
Orgrimmar Grunt Male: 4602
Orgrimmar Grunt Female: 4601
Thunderbluff Guard Female: 9392
Thunderbluff Guard Male: 9391

Windrunner: 30072
Cow - 1060
Gul'dan Ghost: 16642
Nefarius: 9472
Lor'themar Theron: 17122
Kalecgos: 31103
Arcane Ninja: 19896
Penguin - 24978 
NecromancerPurple - 24793 
Maiev Shadowsong: 20628
Akama: 20681
Gul'dan 21588
Val'kyr: 24991
skelett: 9786
Worgen: 729
Undead Assassin: 25286
Lich king without helmet / sword: 22235 
Lich king with sword / helmet: 22234
Arthas: 24949 
Arthas Ghost: 24641
Garrosh: 60029


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These are the few morphs i had 3 or 4 years ago, check them:

















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2.25510  - Red  crusader     

3.25124  - Mexican Male

6. 25989  - Iron Dwarf

8. 21501  - Blood elf (mogged?)

14.  24755  - Male priest.

15.  26787  - Worgen.


Other's are in game / similar stuff is in game with it. 3-5 of them where just the normal race morphs. Thouse are the ones that COULD make it in to the game i passed it to the final judge @Sinja on them. 


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